The Practical Philosophy Course

Let your daily life be a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness

The Practical Philosophy course brings together people from all walks of life to discuss inspiring ideas from some of the world's great philosophies, eastern and western.
But this is only the beginning. What's really special about the course is how it can help you on your own individual journey of growth as a human being.
The emphasis is on the practical.  Applying the knowledge from the course to real situations at work, at home or with family and friends is what brings the real understanding. And with that comes growth in wisdom. So, each week you'll go away with a simple question to remember when faced with situations large or small in your daily life.
By developing greater mindfulness and awareness, learning to access your own inner wisdom and applying these insights in your daily life, you'll find philosophy starts to make a real difference.
Life becomes a little more peaceful, contented and harmonious. You may even feel closer to answering that most important of philosophical questions, "who am I?"


Synopsis of the ten week course

1. The wisdom within - The course as a whole. Philosophy and wisdom. Being and awareness.

2. Know thyself - Self-discovery. Self-knowledge. Who or what am I? What is my potential in living? How may I realise that potential?

3. Being awake - Different levels of awareness. What is our usual state of awareness? Are there greater levels of awareness? If so, how may we gain access to them?

4. Attending to the present moment - Living in the present moment, the now. What is the potential of the present moment? The power of attention to connect with the present moment.

5. Living justly - What is justice and injustice? What does it mean to live justly? Plato’s ‘six tyrants’.

6. The three-fold energy - How to understand and use energy well. Can we increase the energy available to us?

7. The light of reason - Two practical frameworks for reason. How can reason enrich our lives?

8. The power of beauty - What is beauty? What is its purpose? Where does it come from?

9. Unity in diversity - How to see unity in diversity, the common thread of life

10. The desire for truth - How does the desire for truth show itself? How may it be satisfied?

A simple awareness exercise, aimed at strengthening attention and mindfulness, is a core component of the course and constitutes the main ‘homework’. There are no tests or exams. No previous knowledge of philosophy is required.

Follow-on courses are also available, including Meditation.



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